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Worship Feast Taize Songbook


Songs from the Taize Community
By Jennifer A Youngman , Edited by  B Shell

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Worship Feast Taize Songbook:
A Unique Menu of Songs in the Taize Tradition Serve a multi-sensory worship experience to your youth, mixing a cornucopia of ancient contemplative rituals with modern elements.
Engage them with a mix of group participation, silent meditation, and sacred symbolism. Move them with a recipe of ancient chants and contemporary Christian rock. The Worship Feast Taize Songbook was specifically designed as a companion piece for use with Worship Feast: Complete Services in the Spirit of Taize.
The songbook includes 15 popular and easy-to-sing Taize songs that will lead youth and youth workers to a deeper prayer experience.
Melody lines and simple chords for guitars or keyboards make this a very approachable and easy-to-use resource, even if you are new to Taize music.
With the Worship Feast Taize Songbook, anyone can offer an authentic Taize experience to their youth. Nowhere else will you find this collection of 15 Taize favorites. You will want a songbook for everyone in your group.
Worship Feast Taize resources provide tools for youth and youth workers who want to experience worship services in the unique tradition of Taize, but don’t know how to get started.
Christians all over the world are catching on to the ancient monastic Taize style worship. Worship services in the spirit of Taize are contemplative in nature and include meditations, repetitive singing, Scripture readings, prayers, and extended periods of silence.
In other Worship Feast resources, you can find a mix of monastic-style meditation rituals, along with modern visuals on slides, formal ceremonies, candles, oil lamps & incense, medieval chants mixed with a hip-hop beat, ambient music with contemplative silence, and unison group recital readings.
Worship Feast was especially designed for youth workers and pastors who want to reach young people in their worship services by taking the sacred traditions of the worshiping church and blending them with current experiences.
Serve your youth a worship menu that leaves them inspired and full.

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